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Asian PAM price will be higher
     Traders last week, while the lower the price for a boycott  by abs resins, and c fuel are tied  polypropylene, and even demand, and asia increased  april  (acn) contract price will rise.
     PAM manufacturers and downstream lun fine fiber between producer  have drawn wide / to $50 tons. traders said, because of supply and lower , abs and c fuel are tied  demand, increasing. despite the larger , in the contract price is still possible. japan's main producer  into the chemical companies tell has been put forward the contract price is on the initiative of $2020 / (cfr), march in the price of $20 million tons. /(cfr), American manufacturers  also expected to the four months, the contract price 力士 march 1955 dollars for the settlement price / tons, and relative increase in february 15 dollars / tons.
     Though the price is high, but the demand for PAM will continue increasing rapidly, and chiefly from other derivatives such as abs, c, and fuel are tied , polypropylene , they will become clear c fuel are tied in the future price increases. the major driving factors.

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