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Haohua finishes first study on intellectual property strategy

The study on the intellectual property strategy of some electronic gases, undertaken by China Haohua Chemical (Group) Corporation and CN-KnowHow Intellectual Property Agent Limited and funded by the Science & Technology Commission of Chaoyang District, Beijing, has been successfully completed. It creates beneficial conditions for Haohua to protect its intellectual property legally.

It is vital to formulate a study on company intellectual property strategy for sustainable development. During the operation of the project, Haohua and KnowHow determined the basis to implement the strategy of related intellectual property after learning about the technical development, patent application and protection of electronic gas product in each section through field investigation. The instructive concept to establish and implement this strategy and the principles required to be abided by were also determined. The strategic aims in the creation, utilization, protection and management of intellectual property of electronic gases were analyzed and determined one by one and the strategic focus formulated, including the approach and method to realize the aim.

While accumulating experience in studying the intellectual property strategy of electronic gases, Haohua plans to commence a study on the intellectual property strategy regarding methane chemical technology and carry out a step-by-step study on all its main products before establishing a study network on intellectual property strategy, so as to enhance the company's core competitiveness. (He Zhipeng)

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