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Chemyigang for the management changes and chemical for one in charge of the year 2010 work
        On january 16, chemyigang the chemical work conference held in jinan. shandong government officials at all levels of the chemical 42 people attended the meeting, with each other hand, committed to international million hong kong and chemical four foreign executives, and overseas business leaders also attended the meeting.
        Report pointed out that, by 2009, a new century for our economic development of the most difficult for one year. the international financial crisis of the chemical industry and periodic adjustment and found to be left with three hundred million hong kong, the impact of chemical production and operation in unprecedented difficulties and challenges. in response to the growth of the moment of crisis, the provincial party and state leaders gave me the great care and support to our work must be given full and effective guidance.
        Through to the macro control policy and responding to financial crisis of a series of deployment, the whole system of cadres and overcoming many difficulties and achieve better results. the business income of $180 million settlement, the profits of $30 million.
        Report from eight aspects reviewed by 2009. a steady increase in production, to tackle crisis ; notable progress has been a propelling industrial restructuring and investment management has been intensified ; three is steadily promote reform and management level promoted step by step ; fourth, overseas business has developed steadily, international cooperation is constantly expanding ; five technology innovation steps, supporting successful ; six is the security management to further strengthen and promote energy reduction ; seven, team building has been intensified,Richer improve the corporate culture.
        Liu Rongjun pointed out that the objectives are clear about 2010, we have both opportunities and difficulties and challenges, the task quite difficult. it has been market tested million hong kong people, chemical are confident and determined, has the ability to grasp the opportunity to overcome the difficulties. let our spirits, solidarity, do solid work, the readjustment, in a change in the exhibition and enhance the competitiveness of china's chemical industry.

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